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We offer 5 different types of Memberships;

• Individual Member
An Individual Membership is for any individual who wishes to belong to the ITI Community.

• Associate Member
An Associate Member is a group who wishes to be involved in the ITI community, but is not interested in performing one of the formats.

• Educational Rights Member
An Educational Rights is for a Primary. Secondary, College or University group using one of the formats Theatresports™, Maestro™ Impro or Gorilla Theatre™. In obtaining Educational Rights they automatically become an iTi member. Think you might be a good fit for this membership? Send an email for more information to our Office Administrator.

• Festival Production Rights Member
A Festival Rights member is a group who has the rights to perform Theatresports™, Maestro™ Impro or Gorilla Theatre™ for a Festival only. In obtaining the rights they automatically become an iTi member.

• Production Rights Member
A Production Rights Member is a group who has the rights to perform Theatresports TM, Maestro Impro TM, or Gorilla Theatre TM. These rights include the right to perform the formats as part of a festival.

Please note: Format licences are issued individually. Having the right to perform one format does not include the rights to perform any others. If your group is interested in being granted the rights to multiple formats, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


The iTi holds an international conference in a different host city every two years.

Since our inception in 1998, members of our improv family have gathered in studios, and around dinner tables in Banff (Canada), San Francisco (USA), Wurzburg (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Dubai (UAE).