Inspiring The Improvisor



How do I get on the “Directors List”?

The Directors List is made up of former Loose Moose Theatre Company members who had a significant amount of ongoing exposure to Keith over an extended period of time.
Many of the individuals on this list were, in fact, part of the initial development process of Keith’s impro formats. As such, the list is closed, and over-time will disappear. (yep, we’re all going to kick the bucket one day)

How do I get on the Instructors List?

We’re so glad you asked!
If you feel that you already meet a majority of the criteria for the Instructors List (min 10 years teaching, international reputation, understanding of Keith’s philosophies), then all that remains is for you to go through the Instructor Review Process.


WHO will review me?

A minimum-three-person Review Panel will review your application, watch you teach, and interview you.
The Review Panel, whenever possible, will ideally consist of some combination of:

  • a member of the ITI Advisory Board
  • the current ITI Artistic Director
  • two current members of either the Directors List, or Instructors List

WHAT will be expected of me during my review?

You will be asked to teach a ONE HOUR class in which you demonstrate an understanding and proficiency in Keith Johnstone techniques.
There will be a short interview with the panel afterward.

WHERE can I be reviewed?

In order to be as flexible as possible, and to facilitate applicants from around the globe, we will work to arrive at a location that suits both the applicant, and members of the Review Panel. You will note in the online application that you will be asked to indicate your top three choices.

WHEN can I be reviewed, aka: how quickly can I get my name on that list?

The “when” will depend entirely on finding a date & location that suits everyone involved. This may take some time. We ask for your patience as we make strides in streamlining the review process.

WHY is there a “review process” in place?

First and foremost, a review process is something that has been asked for by the ITI Membership for peace of mind in booking guest directors & instructors.
The ITI would like to protect the global integrity of Keith Johnstone’s work over time by attempting to put in some checks and balances with regards to quality & understanding in instruction. As such, your Review Panel will not include any Director, or Instructor with whom you have a close working relationship, mentorship, or friendship in order to ensure objectivity on the panel.

HOW do I go about being reviewed?

There are several steps to complete in order to be successfully reviewed:
1. Send us an application package to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which should include:
• your bio, resume & headshot
• a letter of intent (tell us why you’d like to be included on the Instructors List)
• Two letters of recommendation from any two people from the Directors or Instructors lists.
2. Book a review.
Here’s where things get a little more tricky! Recognizing the enormity of our global impro family, geography, and finances, we will do our best to make your Review Process as accessible as possible. Currently, there are a three possible options:

VIDEO CONFERENCE: arrange to teach a one hour class in your home city, and we will help arrange for a Review Panel to watch your class via the internet, then conduct an interview.

PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for booking a space, arranging a group of students, and setting up video conference.

BOOK A DIRECTOR or INSTRUCTOR who may be traveling in your area:
Many of our Directors & Instructors tour, and some on a regular basis If you would prefer to be observed in person, you have the option of contacting any Director or Instructor who may be in your area to come and watch you teach & interview you.
PLEASE NOTE: you must be seen by THREE different Review Panelists within a TWO YEAR window. There may also be a cost involved in requesting a Panelist to observe you in person as this may extend their stay in your area. You will be responsible for covering accommodation, hourly fee, and changes in travel. We recommend that you contact the head office well in advance to help co-ordinate.

ATTEND THE ITI CONFERENCE: The ITI holds an international conference in a different host city every two years. This is an excellent opportunity for you to been seen IN PERSON, by a full Review Panel. We will work with you, and the host city, to
help facilitate this process.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accommodate a maximum of FIVE applicants during any given conference. In the event that the ITI receives more than five requests to be reviewed at a given conference, you will be notified, and a random selection of five will be made.

Why do I have to be seen by a panel to get on the list? Isn’t my resume enough?

It is important to the ITI that we be able to speak with confidence about any Instructor on our list(s), as many of our Members end up wanting to book workshops for their group.
This is why each Instructor is reviewed by a minimum three different people, and must not only demonstrate teaching skills, but also be able to speak with confidence and understanding of Keith’s teachings and philosophies. We want our Membership to rest assured when they hire any individual from either list, that they are going to receive excellence in the classroom.
Whenever possible, the ITI will make every effort to have you seen by individuals who do not know you personally, or have close ties to you professionally. This is to avoid favouritism, and to better guarantee a fair assessment based on skills.

Am I automatically approved after going through the Instructor Review Process?

No. The Review Panel must each approve your application. Their individual decisions will be based on whether or not they feel you are able to demonstrate understanding of Keith Johnstone's style of Improvisation.

Will I get feedback?

If you are not approved for the Instructor List, you may be given suggestions for areas of improvement. You may request feedback via the head office. Please do not contact any of Review Panelists personally.